Air Leakage/Pressure Tests for New Properties and EPC’s for Your Sale or Rental Property


Typical documents I need (regulated under the OCDEA/SAP EPC scheme) of and in your property for a SAP EPC survey include:

  • Using Accredited Construction Details or Enhanced Construction Details (more thorough) is critical at the design stage with a record of the construction detail used, signed (the documents are available on the links) and kept to enable the property to pass the DER/TER 
  • Up to date architect's scaled plans/drawings of the property or redevelopment
  • Up to date architect's scaled plans/drawings of any extensions where applicable 
  • Up to date architect's scaled plans/drawings of any 'Rooms in a Roof' - that is, loft spaces
  • Documentation of Wall structure, brickwork, insulation or other external/internal wall finish
  • Documentary evidence of any wall insulation
  • Details of flues/chimneys
  • Gas/electricity meters
  • Details of glazing types and u-values or manufacturer's documentation
  • Conservatories
  • Boiler used
  • Heating sytems
  • Heating controls
  • Cylinders (if present)
  • Loft insulation
  • Lighting - light fixtures and fittings
  • Any renewable energy features such as solar panels
  • Anything that may be deemed appropriate relating to energy features/chracteristics

Any photographs taken on a 'Practically Complete' property are required for evidence in the producing of the SAP EPC and scheme audit. 

Require further advice - do not hesitate to contact me: (landline) 01792 424569; (mobile) 07986 099438 or email

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