Air Leakage/Pressure Tests for New Properties and EPC’s for Your Sale or Rental Property


Q. I am having a new home built / I am having a new extension. Can you produce the EPC for this?
A. Yes I can. You will need to use an 'On Construction Energy Assessor' also known as a SAP Assessor. If the property is practically complete it make it more difficult to assess the property, that is why its important you have accurate up-to-date drawings and I have contact information for your builder.

Q: How long does a SAP EPC assessment take?
A: Typically around 5-8 days for a 3-bed semi. Complex properties with more bedrooms and extensions will take longer. It also depends on the availabilty of relevant and improtant information but I will advise on this.

Q: How quickly will I receive the certificate after the survey?
A: If you ask Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions Ltd to produce your SAP EPC, you can receive your certificate by email within 5-8 days, depending on complexity. 

Q: When do I pay for my EPC?

A: The SAP EPC will be invoiced at an interim period (usually after 5-8 days) and then in full on production of the SAP EPC. I can only accept cheque or bank transfer. 

Q: Can Ynni Cymru Energy Solutions Ltd offer advice on how to improve my home's energy efficiency?
A: Yes I can. I input the energy related details of your property without doing a final SAP EPC (called lodgment) and then send you a written report on the areas of your property that could / should be improved to pass the DER/TER and hence cut down your energy bills. There will be a fee for this service. 

Q: Will I invalidate the EPC if I carry out changes to my property design?
A: No. You may point out to a SAP Assessor that you have made the changes and therefore changed the energy efficiency rating. You will need an 'As-Built' revised EPC to fully represent the new energy levels. 

Q: Will I own my EPC?
A: If you purchase your SAP EPC assessment direct from us then yes you will and this will need passing onto you’re selling or letting agent and / or solicitor for the furture sale of your home.

Q: Can a house fail a SAP EPC?
A: In short in can. A SAP EPC is an examination of the current energy efficiency and the effect on the environment. So the results of the assessment are based on the current levels of insulation and heating system. If it does fail suggestions are made to ensure the property passes the DER/TER for Building Regulation compliance. 

Q: Will I need to be present during a 'practically complete' inspection?
A: It is not a legal requirement to be present, however, it is highly recommended and more desirable that you are. In addition to security and health & safety issues, I may ask you for some information relating to your property. If you are unable to be present, then a knowledgable representative or agent may be present.

Q. Do you produce SAP EPC's for commercial premises?
A. Yes but different software is used to produce commercial EPCs - this is called SBEM - Simplified Building Energy Model. 

Q: What happens if I don’t get a SAP EPC?
A: Your property will not pass Building Regulations/Complince which may affect any mortgage arrangement you have on the new build/redevlopment.

Require further advice - do not hesitate to contact me: (landline) 01792 424569; (mobile) 07986 099438 or email

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