Air Leakage/Pressure Tests for New Properties and EPC’s for Your Sale or Rental Property


ADL1A 2010 now provide more defined terms of ‘dwelling type’. To qualify dwellings to be considered as the same ‘dwelling type’, they must have the:

  1. Same standard form - i.e. detached, semi- detached, ground floor flat
  2. Same number of storeys
  3. Same design Air Permeability Rate (APR)
  4. Similar adjacency to unheated spaces e.g. stairwells or integral garages
  5. Same principal construction details whether Accredited Construction Designs (ACDs) or bespoke
  6. Same number of significant penetrations (+/- 1) - i.e. windows, doors, flues/chimneys, supply/exhaust terminals and waste water pipes
  7. Envelope areas that do not differ by more than 10%

 (ADL1A – Available for Wales from here and England from here)

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